Metal Analysis

For factory incoming metal material inspection, production Quality Control QC/QA, quick identification of alloy grades

and rapid identification and sorting of scrap metal.

Scrap Sorting
The AXR Scientific Terra900 Handheld Alloy Analyzer can detect the composition and content of scrap metal purchased on site, and can sort out accurate metal grades to improve the utilization rate of scrap metal.
Carbide Alloy Analysis
The Terra900 series of handheld alloy analyzers provide a relatively complete solution for the quality checking of incoming carbide material. The instrument is equipped with high-performance X-ray tube and Si-Pin/SD detector to provide users with fast and accurate element content analysis. In addition, an optional large-area silicon drift detector is provided to further improve instrument resolution and reduce analysis time.
Ferroalloys Analysis
For the analysis of FeSi alloys, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry is an ideal alternative technique, providing high throughput and simple routine sample preparation.
Determination of Lead in Copper Water Pipes
There are many types of copper alloys, and it is difficult to quickly determine whether the finished product meets the relevant standards during on-site analysis. Terra900 series handheld copper alloy analyzer realizes the automatic matching of copper alloy model according to element composition and content through the built-in alloy grade database, and improves the efficiency of compliance detection. In addition, Terra 900 copper analyzer also has the following advantages:
Metal Dentures Material Testing
XRF can directly test solid samples, and can perform non-destructive testing on samples that meet the test requirements. At the same time, the test speed is fast and the sensitivity is high. Since the handheld XRF analyzer is more portable, it is more suitable for rapid spot check and quality control of samples.

The performance of the handheld XRF analyzer Terra900 series can fully meet the requirements for rapid onsite check and quality control of denture metal raw materials.
Alloy Grade Identification
With Terra900 series hand-held XRF alloy analyzer, it is possible to achieve accurate quantitative analysis of the content of various metals and non-metal elements, and thus determine the type of alloy material and determine its application fileds. The instrument is portable and easy to use, and the analysis results are highly reliable, enabling on-site analysis under different conditions.