AXR Scientific attended 10th Changzhou International Industrial Equipment Expo.
Date: 21/09/2022 | read: 450

From September 16th to 18th, AXR Scientific was invited to participate in the 10th Changzhou International Industrial Equipment Expo.

AXR Scientific and many other well-known enterprises in the industrial equipment manufacturing industry gathered in Changzhou. The four themed exhibition areas of Machine Tool and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Exhibition, Industrial Automation and Robot Exhibition, Laser Cutting and Welding Equipment Exhibition, and China Tool Festival cooperated with a number of splendid on-site activities. , is one of the largest industrial equipment manufacturing industry events in Jiangsu Province.

AXR Scientific exhibited Terra series online XRF alloy analyzers, hand-held alloy analyzers, hand-held coating analyzers and other products at this exhibition. Many customers visited the booth for consultation and communication. The visiting customers come from various fields such as auto parts, hardware processing, garden tools, mold manufacturing, cutting tools, and new energy vehicles.

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The Terra900 series handheld alloy analyzers exhibited by our company can be used for incoming inspection of metal materials in factories, production quality control,

Rapid identification of alloy grades, rapid identification and classification of scrap metal recycling, widely used in mechanical processing, petroleum and petrochemical, aerospace, shipbuilding, recycled metal industry and testing institutions, scientific research institutions, etc.

The Terra In-line700 series online XRF analyzer exhibited by our company can meet the needs of users for online real-time detection of large-scale products, perform real-time, automatic detection of products on the production line, and display chemical element composition information and analysis in real time. Screening of faulty products greatly improves detection efficiency and reduces labor costs.

It can be used for real-time material composition detection of large quantities of metal bars, pipes, billet products and large quantities of machined parts in the process of metal production, processing, and 24-hour uninterrupted operation. For metal materials and parts used in automotive, aerospace, nuclear power and other industries, due to the need for safety, online complete inspection is selected instead of random inspection to ensure that product quality is 100% up to standard. It can not only display the content and grade of chemical elements, but also conduct PASS/FAIL qualified testing.

In addition to being used for online composition analysis of solid samples, Terra In-line 700 series can also perform online real-time detection of coating and film thickness, such as metal coating, solar cell coating, copper plate tin plating, etc. It can also be used for online composition analysis of liquids or fluids, such as electroplating solution, online analysis of copper foil industry, etc.

AXR Scientific is a high-tech manufacturer focusing on the development and application of X-ray technology products. It is committed to becoming a world-class supplier of X-ray industrial inspection solutions.AXR Scientific currently offer handheld XRF analyzer, handheld alloy analyzer, handheld soil analyzer, handheld lithium battery analyzer, precious metal analyzer, coating analyzer, gold analyzer and online XRF analyzer etc. to global customers. We keep serving global customers in the fields of machinery manufacturing, metal processing, aerospace, petrochemical, mining and geology, food safety, environmental protection, scientific research and etc. AXR Scientific keeps improving product performance and user experience with R&D advantages and innovative designs, and continues to provide global users with reliable X-ray measure solutions to solve various challenges from routine testing tasks to complex customized measure requirements. To contact us, please send email to