Grade Indentification
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In the process of alloy manufacturing, adding elements of different types and contents to the matrix will obtain finished products with different performance and process performance. Alloy is made to improve the properties of metal materials (such as corrosion resistance, strength, weldability, etc.), and this improvement is usually not comprehensive. If the alloy material obtained by smelting is substandard or misused, it will not only fail to obtain a processed product with excellent performance, but also may have an adverse effect on subsequent use. Therefore, in the quality inspection, raw material procurement and selection of alloy smelting, metal processing and manufacturing industries, if the specific model of alloy material can be directly obtained through instrument testing, it will provide convenience, save time and economic cost for related industries.

Handheld XRF Is Ideal Solution to Test Alloy

With Terra900 series hand-held XRF alloy analyzer, it is possible to achieve accurate quantitative analysis of the content of various metals and non-metal elements, and thus determine the type of alloy material and determine its application fileds. The instrument is portable and easy to use, and the analysis results are highly reliable, enabling on-site analysis under different conditions.

Features  of Handheld XRF Analyzer

- Fast, non-destructive analytical testing
- Reliable test results
- Test at anytime, anywhere
- Lowest maintenance cost
- Friendly operating software

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Terra 900 Provide Solutions for Testing Raw Material Procurement and Selection

AXR Terra 900 series analyzers realize the automatic matching of alloy models according to element composition and content through the built-in method of alloy grade database, which better solves this problem (the picture on the right shows the use of Terra 900 in a machining factory for metal raw materials, product testing).
Using the Terra 900 Series Handheld XRF Elemental Analyzers provides the following benefits while increasing analytical productivity:

1- The instrument is portable and easy to use in the field
2- No sample preparation required for non-destructive testing
3- Short detection time, accurate and reliable quantitative analysis results
4- Good detection ability of light elements (Mg, Al, Si, P,S)

Terra 900 Series Have Excellent Performance in the analysis  of Hastelloy,  Copper alloy and Other Alloy Materials

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Terra 900 series analyzers have a library of over 1600 alloy grades, providing excellent grade recognition accuracy, fully ensuring the high reliability of on-site analysis work, and being widely used in alloy smelting quality control and material selection.
Terra 900P adpopts a high-performance SDD detector (graphene window) with high stability and repeatability in metal element detection.

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