Metal Scraps Sorting
Date: 10/10/2022 | read: 156

Metal recycling is an industrial chain from recycling, dismantling, to recycling through physical or mechanical processing of useful substances separated from scrap metal into recycled products. The metal recycling industry has formed a complete industrial chain and recycling ecosystem.

Testing Requirement for Metal Recycling by Scrap Yard

This industrial chain starts from foreign scrap suppliers and goes through the links of traders, importers, agents, ports, dismantling plants, recycling companies, metal processing plants, etc., to achieve effective use of resources.

At present, in the case of increasingly scarce mineral resources, the recycling and reuse of scrap metal is particularly important. The scrap metal recycling industry has now formed a complete industrial chain from acquisition, to sorting, to reprocessing and utilization. AXR Scientific Terra900 Handheld Alloy Analyzer plays an integral role in scrap metal acquisition and sorting materials.

The Role of Handheld XRF Analyzer (or Handheld Spectrometer)

The AXR Scientific Terra900 Handheld Alloy Analyzer can detect the composition and content of scrap metal purchased on site, and can sort out accurate metal grades to improve the utilization rate of scrap metal.

AXR Scientific Terra900 portable alloy Analyzer or handheld xrf gun provides maximum efficiency in the analysis and sorting of metal alloys. Due to its speed, non-destructive nature and minimal requirements for sample preparation, because XRF is more versatile and convenient than the optical emission method.

The FP method is applicable to all existing types of alloys, which makes it indispensable in metallurgy, foundry, mechanical engineering and other areas.

Fast and onsite analysis of the composition of alloys is carried out when scrap yard performing the following works, which is not only involves in the scrap yards but also the buyer of the scrap and foundry and metal factories.

Why Handheld XRF Analyzer Is a Ideal Sorting Tool for Scraps

--sorting and sorting of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap
--input control of materials, incl. ferroalloys
--confirmation of grades of steels and alloys
--composition control during melting

--certification analysis of metallurgical products.

AXR Scientific Terra900 Handheld Alloy Analyzer shows the concentrations of elements in scrap metals – for example, Ni (nickel), Mo (molybdenum), Cu (copper), Fe (iron), etc. These instruments have several advantages:

--Non-destructive nature: The alloy isn`t affected during the test, which means that it doesn`t lose its commercial value.
--Speedy and accurate research: It takes only a few seconds to get the result that will display the grade and elements concentration of the components.
--Safety: Firstly lower exposure to x-rays. Secondly, an alloy analyzer has several safety protection to minimize the impact.

It can determine a wide variety of alloy families:

Magnesium alloys

Aluminium alloys

Titanium alloys

Stainless steels

Low alloy steels

Tool steels

Cobalt alloys

Nickel alloys

Copper alloys

Zinc alloys

Precious alloys




metal scrap sorting by axr scientific terra900