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Benchtop Gold Analyzer / Benchtop Gold Analyzer
Benchtop Gold Analyzer
AXR AURORA Benchtop Gold analyzer offers a rapid and remarkably precise method for assessing karat or gold content, serving quality control, pricing, and practical utilization needs.


Benchtop Gold Analyzer

Fast | Accurate| Trusted


AXR AURORA Benchtop Gold analyzer offers a rapid and remarkably precise method for assessing karat or gold content, serving quality control, pricing, and practical utilization needs. It empowers users to conduct an immediate, cost-efficient, and entirely nondestructive examination to ascertain gold content and authenticate alloy composition.

Beyond gold, the device delivers exceptional performance for various other valuable metals of significance. The analyzers are equipped with a comprehensive precious metals suite encompassing elements such as Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Ir, Pt, Au, Rh, Ru, Pb, Bi, Zr, Pd, Ag, Sn, Sb, Cd, In, Ga, Ge, and W. ( Plus Os for SDD detector)

In a matter of seconds, you can accurately measure the precise content of precious metals in jewelry, coins, and other valuable items using the AXR AURORA benchtop gold analyzer.


• Allow user to operate independently or connected to a computer

• Enables coating/plating detection to distinguish counterfeit gold or gold-plated jewelry.

• Extremely fast and easy to use – read results in seconds from the bright color touchscreen display.

• Avoid using any harsh chemicals or acids that can burn fingers, ruin clothing or damage counters. Compared with the nitric acid detection method, it is simpler, faster and more accurate. Compared with the fire assay gold method, it is faster and more comprehensive, and has comparable accuracy.

• Compact design does not take up much space on the table or counter

• Ergonomic design, equipped with LED lighting, easy to operate in jewelry stores, (accessory)

• Rear view lead glass keeps analytical sample in sight

•Precise determination of the presence and amount of other trace alloying elements and harmful heavy metals (Cd,Pb,In…) elements that may affect value and future refining needs.

•Built-in dual CCD cameras can easily realize precise positioning of samples (two functions).

• Optional small spot collimator (3mm, 10mm) can be used to detect smaller samples.

• Optional external portable printer, external balance, display, etc.

• Battery operated, portable

Performance You Can Trust

AXR AURORA benchtop gold analyzer is offered in two versions: the standard AURORA and the high-performance AURORA Plus. The standard AURORA features a Si-PIN detector that delivers exceptional precision and sensitivity for most scenarios. On the other hand, the high-performance AURORA Plus boasts an advanced silicon drift detector, enhancing precision and sensitivity.

The high-performance AURORA Plus model provides a twofold enhancement in precision and sensitivity compared to the standard variant, resulting in superior detection limits. This model is particularly recommended for refiners requiring rapid reading times and the highest level of analytical accuracy. The standard AURORA benchtop gold analyzer, however, is well-suited for general karat assessment and trading purposes.

Remarkably fast and user-friendly
Just close the lid and press a button. Within seconds, you'll see results displayed on a vibrant touch-screen color monitor. No need to handle harsh chemicals or acids that could cause burns, damage attire, and harm surfaces.
Reliably accurate and precise
Achieving fire assay comparable outcomes, the analyzer helps prevent losses resulting from the acquisition of under-karated or counterfeit materials.
Designed for practicality
Tailored for retail environments, AXR AURORA precious metal analyzers are factory-calibrated and ready for use upon arrival. The closed-beam design ensures no x-ray exposure to customers or operators.
Detection of gold plating
Efficient to tackle the challenge of identifying gold-plated items, including gold-plated silver, gold-plated copper, steel, tungsten, and other non-gold substrates.
In contrast to destructive testing methods like acid and fire assay, the tested samples remain intact and unharmed, preserving their original state.
Weight7.76 kg (including battery)
Sample chamber280mm*220mm*160mm
Operating environment Temperature -10°C to 50°C, humidity 0% to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Excitationsourcehigh-performance 4W micro X-ray tube, silver target 50kV/80μA (maximum) collimator
DetectorImported high-performance semiconductor silicon detector, resolution <140eV fwhm at Mn Ka
FiltersSmart Multibit
System Electronicsi.MX 8M Mini Quad Core 1.8GHz,DP5 Digital Signal Processor,80 MHz ADC digital signal processor,4096-pixel multi-channel analyzer,DDR4 2GB
WindowKapton window, carbon fiber anti-puncture window (optional)
Collimatorsmall point 1mm/2mm collimator switch
Battery7.2V lithium-ion battery
Display Large-size capacitive intelligent touch color LCD display (5 inches 720P)
Analytical elementsAg, Pd, Rh, Ru, Au, Pt, Ir, Zn, Cu, Re, Ta, Hf, Ni, Co, Fe, Ti, Cr, Mn, Pb, Bi, Zr, Sn, Sb, Cd , In, Ga, Ge, W, Os, etc., can be added if there is a need for special elements
AlarmWhen harmful elements in the detected sample are higher than the normal value, it will have an exceeding standard prompt
One-key measurementWhen the sample needs to be measured for a long time, the "one-key measurement" mode can be selected to prevent the operator from pulling the trigger for a long time and protect the operator to the greatest extent.
Data inputtouch screen keyboard, user can customize data input
Advanced data storage8GB memory, can store 100,000 pieces of data
Data transmissionWiFi, USB
Security protectionMultiple passwords protect user data security
Radiation and safety Safety Guard sensing device, when there is no sample in the test area, the light pipe is closed to provide maximum safety protection
Structural designThe integrated design of engineering plastics and aluminum alloy conforms to the best ergonomic principles; the unique internal Super Heatsink heat dissipation design can provide the best heat dissipation effect
Camera (optional)Integrated CCD microscopic/macroscopic camera with auto-focus lens to position and record the position
SoftwareAURORA Software
LanguageChinese, English, Russian
CertificationsCE, RoHS, IP54 (splash proof, dust proof)
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