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What is an XRF Analzyer
Date: 29/11/2022 | read: 231

What is an XRF Analyzer?

XRF is an abbreviation of X-ray fluorescence, generally the XRF analyzer is built with portable model or benchtop model.It’s a powerful, nondestructive technology for measuring elemental composition from magnesium (Mg) to uranium (U) in the periodical table, from ppm level to 100% percentage concentration.

Handheld XRF analyzers are portable xrf devices or portable xrf gun that can be used on location for immediate to deliver lab-quality results and performance to help testers determine fast and make the best decision within a short time.

Here you can find a video to show how it works:

What is an XRF Analyzer Used for?

XRF analyzer are used for all kinds of applications where you need to identify the chemical composition of internal elements or alloy grade of a sample. Being able to take a lab technique into the field enables the analysis of samples that are too costly to do destructive sample preparation, too large, or inconvenient to transport to the laboratory. Onsite analysis enables the tester to know real-time information of the chemical composition and to make fast decision in the deal or inspection.

What can an XRF Analyzer Measure?

Handheld XRF analyzers can measure element magnesium (Mg) to uranium (U). You can point an XRF analyzer at almost anything and get a result.But never point it to people considering the X-ray saftey reason. There are some common applications include scrap sorting, alloy grade identification, quality control (QC) in metal manufacturing, geological exploration or mining, testing industrial materials like cement or coal, and testing for lead in paint or other contaminants in consumer products and for reguation compliance testing like RoHS, WEEE. in electronics industries.

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