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5 Ways to Test the Purity of Gold and Jewelry
Date: 03/03/2023 | read: 292
Gold and jewelry are among the most valuable assets that people own. Whether you are buying, selling or investing in these precious items, it is essential to know their authenticity and value. To determine this, there are several methods to test gold and jewelry, including acid testing, magnetic testing, and more. In this article, we will introduce 5 ways to test gold and jewelry and recommend the handheld XRF method of Terra990 gold analyzer.

   1. Acid testing: 

This is a common method for testing gold and other precious metals. It involves applying acid to the metal and observing the reaction. The acid will change color depending on the metal's purity. However, this method can be dangerous and is not always reliable.

    2.Magnet testing: 

This method involves using a magnet to determine whether the metal is attracted to it or not. Since gold is not magnetic, if the metal is attracted to the magnet, it is likely not gold. However, this method is not always accurate as some metals may also be non-magnetic.

   3.Electronic testing:

 This method involves using an electronic tester to measure the metal's conductivity. This is a quick and reliable method, but it can be expensive.

   4.Spectrometer testing: 

This is a highly accurate method for testing gold and other precious metals. It involves using a spectrometer to measure the metal's light spectrum. However, this method is expensive and requires a skilled technician to operate the equipment.

    5.Handheld XRF testing: 

This is a non-destructive and reliable method of testing gold and jewelry. It involves using a handheld XRF analyzer like the Terra990 to analyze the metal's composition. This method is fast, accurate, and provides immediate results. It is also safe and non-destructive, meaning that the jewelry or gold item being tested will not be damaged.

The Terra990 handheld XRF analyzer is an ideal choice for testing gold and jewelry. It is equipped with a high-performance X-ray excitation device and Si-PIN detector that can achieve accurate quantitative analysis. The instrument is easy to operate and provides intuitive results on a large high-definition touch screen. The Terra990 is also lightweight and portable, making it a convenient on-site analysis tool for precious metal jewelry quality control, identification, and trading.

In conclusion, testing gold and jewelry is essential to ensure their authenticity and value. There are several methods for testing, including acid testing, magnetic testing, electronic testing, spectrometer testing, and handheld XRF testing. Among these methods, the handheld XRF testing with the Terra990 gold analyzer is a fast, reliable, and safe option for testing precious metals.