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Handheld Mining Analyzer Terra600M Series

AXR Scientific Terra600M, a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use handheld XRF mining analyzer designed for different analytical applications in the mining industry. The Terra600M provides on-site analysis of ore samples with minimal sample preparation, reducing the time for lab assay from days to minutes. With the fundamental parameters method, the Terra600M is capable of analyzing an ore sample without the need for any calibration standards.

Terra600M is equipped with the capability of precise analysis of light elements, which is important for understanding sample mineralogy and critical for analyzing certain types of minerals, such as bauxite and limestone. During exploration, the Terra600M is an excellent tool for fast screening of vast areas due to its light weight and mobility.

In mining, the Terra600M provides easy ore grade control and allows for quick decision-making. The analysis of ore concentrates during the enrichment process is also a simple task for the Terra600M. Both primary elements and trace elements can be accurately measured using the fundamental parameters method.

Investing in the Terra600M will improve your mining operations by providing fast, accurate, and reliable on-site analysis of ore samples.

In-situ Measure and Screen
Using the AXR Terra600M for rapid on-site analysis of mineral composition for mining, greatly reduces the number of samples that need to send to laboratory for analysis, greatly reducing analysis costs and analysis time.
Fast Results in Seconds
Point and shoot and you can get stable and accurate results in short time,
covering over 30 elements simultaneously with minimal sample preparation
Minimal Training Required
Easy to use with user friendly software. Work immediately out of the box and requires minimal operator training
Superior Analysis Performance
High-performance miniature X-ray tube, with intelligent multi-position filters, specially optimization for key elements ensure analyzer achieve superior performance.
Low Cost of Maintenance
Rugged design with IP54 standard dustproof and waterproof.
Working continuously and normally in the temperature of -10°C to 50°C, solid enough to address environmental challenges on site.
User Friendly Software
Software is with intuitive design and easy to use and data can be easily exported for different purpose.
ExcitationCeramic packaged microfocus X-ray tube, Ag target tube,50kV
DetectorHigh performance Si-Pin detector /Optimized SDD detector
FilterMulti position automatic filter changer
Window Kapton with anti-puncture window design optional
Collimator5mm collimator
Battery7.2V Li-ion battery,6800mAh
DisplayCapacitive touch color display
Exceeding AlertWhen elements concentration exceeds the setting limits, software will alert
One Touch Operation One touch testing
Soil Moisture CorrectionAnalysis can automatically correct according to the soil moisture
Data storage100000+data storage
Data transferWiFi、USB
Radiation safetySafety guard device, tube shutoff while no sample , Password-protected user security
Camera(optional)Integrated CCD camera with autofocus lens for positioning and recording measuring point positions
Environment Temp-10°C~50°C Humidity 0%~80%
WeightApprox. 1.5kg (3.3lbs) including battery
DimensionsL x W x H: 220mm*91mm*276mm
Software languageEnglish and other languages
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