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Handheld Alloy Analyzer Terra900 Series
AXR Terra900 series are good choice for metal analysis in many fileds, delivering rapid, accurate results right in your hand.

Since the introduction of XRF spectrometry decades ago, it is a proven and popular technique for metal analysis and widely used as an efficient tool for quality control in many metal process facilities considering its mobility for testing task everywhere and anytime and easy to use and maintain.

axr scientific handheld alloy analzyer

AXR Terra900 series is a good choice for metal analysis in many fileds, delivering rapid, accurate results right in your hand.  Due to the advanced electronics and state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms, Terra900 series provide ultimate quality of measurement within a couple of seconds, which makes it an ideal solution for checking and analyzing incoming material, finished goods and in process production parts with a non-destructive way. With operating simplicity, you can view the alloy grade and chemistry on the touch screen display with just a few seconds to obtain lab-quality chemistry, requiring minimal training and little or no sample preparation for all shape and size of sample.

axr scientific handheld alloy analzyer

Terra900 handheld applications are not limited to solid but can also measure liquids and powders . Terra900 series handheld alloy analyzers are wildly used for alloy grade identification and quality control, scrap metal recycling, precious metals, PMI and so on.

Fast Results
Terra 900' algorithm perfectly adopts powerful fundamental parameters method (FP). With a triggering, the alloy grade can be identified within 1-2 seconds
Nondestructive Analysis
Unlike destructive testing, samples remain undamaged by X ray.
Easy to Operate
Ergonomic design, light weight, small size and good balance for holding in hand.
Large capacity of battery ensures work for 10-12 hours for onsite testing without worrying recharging.
Minimal Maintenance Cost
Anti-puncture window design effectively protects the front end of the device.
Rugged design with IP54 standard dustproof and waterproof.
Working continuously and normally in the temperature of -10°C to 50°C
Minimal Training
With easy operation design, user needs the minimal training for operation.
Icon-style user interface very intuitive and simple.
ExcitationHigh performance Ag target tube,50kV
DetectorHigh performance Si-Pin detector /Optimized SDD detector
FilterMulti position automatic filter changer
Window Kapton with anti-puncture window design optional
Collimator5mm collimator
Battery7.2V Li-ion battery,6800mAh
DisplayCapacitive touch color display
Data storage100000+data storage
Data transferWiFi、USB
Radiation safetySafety guard device, tube shutoff while no sample , Password-protected user security
Camera(optional)Integrated CCD camera with autofocus lens for positioning and recording measuring point positions
Elements Ti、V、Cr、Mn、Fe、Co、Ni、Hf、Ta、Re、Cu、Zn、W、Se、 Pb、Bi、Zr、Nb、Mo、Al、Pd、Ag、Sn、Sb etc. and be customized
Environment Temp-10°C~50°C Humidity 0%~80%
WeightApprox. 1.5kg (3.3lbs) including battery
DimensionsL x W x H: 220mm*91mm*276mm
Software languageEnglish and other languages
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